Wednesday, February 23, 2022


Browsing through bulletins from around the country, one will not go long without encountering images contorted like the ones above. For sure, fitting everything into your weekly bulletin can sometimes seem like pouring ten pounds of flour into a five-pound sack. And at times it can be really tricky to fit an image into the space available to you. But there are alternatives to stretching and squishing images until they are unrecognizable. Here are a few tips to help you avoid such pain.

  • Not every image has to go all the way across the top of a column or page. You can take a square image, place it at the top on just one side (usually the left side) of a column, and wrap your text around it. 
  • If you have to shrink the image, do so while maintaining the relative horizontal and vertical proportions. Usually you can do this by grabbing a corner and dragging. And if there is text in the image, don't make it so small that it can't be read.
  • Enlarging an image is seldom a good idea. While some will still look OK, many images start to look pixelated as you make them larger.
  • Look for a different image to fill the space you need. The SRC has images in many different shapes and sizes to help you fit your available space.
  • If you find that you repeatedly end up trying to re-shape images to fit your space, LET US KNOW. We will be happy to work with you on creating images to fit wherever you need them. But we can't do so if we don't know what you need. 
Taking a little care to present the images available to you in the way they were intended will help to make your bulletin attractive as well as informative.