Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Working Ahead for the Holidays


This is the time of year when many bulletin editors try to work ahead in order to stay on top of the holiday rush. It might therefore be helpful for you to know when to expect your favorite items to appear on the Subscriber Resource Center (SRC).

All of the features have been posted for the month of December. The January dated covers, thematic materials, and formatted articles will be posted to the SRC no later than November 12. All the other January items have already been posted.

Also, for your convenience, here are the dates for the upcoming early deadlines for the rest of 2021:

Deadline                                          Issue Date

Friday, November 19                      November 28 issue is due
Friday, December 10                      December 19 issue is due
Thursday, December 16                 December 26 issue is due
Thursday, December 23                 January 2, 2022 issue is due

We wish you all the best for the coming Advent and Christmas seasons!