Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Our Parish Life in Pictures

Including images of parish activities and events is a wonderful way to showcase your vibrant parish life. Pictures of sacramental life including baptisms, weddings, First Communions and Confirmations allow the parish to celebrate as a whole. Photos of gatherings like parish picnics, youth activities, and campus clean-up days display fellowship at work. Being sure these images will work in your document is an important step in sharing these moments. 

Also consider resolution. Digital pictures are made up of tiny squares called pixels. One million pixels is equal to one megapixel (MP). If you zoom in close enough to any photo you can see the individual pixels that create that image. Up close, photos look more like a Rubik’s cube than your original photo. It is these tiny squares, however that retain the clarity and detail of your image.

The more pixels, the greater the resolution of the image. The higher the resolution, the clearer and more detailed your photo. Keep in mind that most digital cameras have settings that allow you to change the resolution, so you can control the quality of the photos as you take them.  Photos intended to be used for your weekly bulletin are sufficient if set at a 4X6 size or 540x360 pixels.

If you are working with high quality digital images that are very large, the best option is to resize and save the photos into a TIF format and then re-insert into your bulletin. Here’s how:

1. Insert the photo into your bulletin

2. Resize to appropriate size and shape

3. Right-click the photo, click “Save As Picture”

4. Verify that you are saving in the “My Pictures” folder (default directory for pictures)

5. Name your picture in the File Name dialog box

6. Click the down arrow on the Save As Type dialog box and change to Tag Image Format (*.tif)

7. Save and then Right-click on the photo again and click Change Picture > From File.

8. Double-click on the new TIF file to replace the original photo.


These few steps will help decrease the picture size and decrease your bulletin file size. Once you are ready to transmit for printing, you’ll definitely notice the difference.

Our best advice is to consult your camera’s owner’s manual to determine the best settings for your use.

Ultimately, how many megapixels and what resolution settings are best, depend upon how you intend to use the photos. Consult your camera’s owner’s manual for what settings best met your needs.





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