Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Thank You! ¡Gracias! Grazie!

The wonderful businesses that show their support by advertising in your weekly bulletin deserve special recognition and thanks. Advertisers know that their ad is a good investment for them when they know that your parishioners are patronizing their business because of it. Please consider including a notice like this one in your bulletin on a regular basis, perhaps monthly.

Dear Friends,

Today I would like to take a moment to recognize some important partners of (name of parish). Sometimes we take our Sunday bulletin for granted, but on the back page are ads from the companies that support us year-round. Please take some time today to look over our bulletin ads and when you patronize those businesses or services, say thank you from (name of parish). No one ever tires of hearing thank you. Our bulletin advertisers will appreciate it. They are part of our success at (name of parish).

(Name of Pastor)

Including graphics or headings such as “Advertiser of the Week” or “Special thanks to our advertisers for making this bulletin possible” are also great ways to remind parishioners of the contribution that advertisers make. A little thankfulness really does go a long way!

Advertiser artwork can be located on the Subscriber Resource Center at Use Keyword search: thank you.

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