Wednesday, April 21, 2021

New! Monthly Text Pages

You asked. We listened.

There is a “text page” posted to the J. S. Paluch Subscriber Resource Center (SRC) for every Sunday of the year. These “text pages” are made up of items such as Today’s Readings, Readings for the Week, Saints and Special Observances, scripture reflections, weekly features, and pithy quotations. They come in both English and Spanish versions.

Some of our bulletin customers who like to work on multiple bulletins at once have asked if it is possible to combine these text pages into a monthly version. This would contain the text items for all the weeks of a month. In response, we have created both monthly and annual versions. You can find the monthly files on the SRC weekly page on the first week of each month. The file will always have a title like “e04AprTextPage” (English) or "s04AprTextPage" (Spanish).

You will also see the files if you go to the Text Pages tab, as long as the first week of the month is showing on that page. And finally, all the monthly and the annual text pages can be found using the key word search “text page 2021.” So now you can easily download the content of the text pages for a whole month, several months, or even a whole year!

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