Wednesday, March 17, 2021



More readers are viewing the weekly bulletin online than ever before. Helping those readers link to websites or email addresses cited in your bulletin can make it easier for them to navigate directly to those pages. Here are a few, simple steps for Microsoft Publisher users: 

  • Type the website or email address
  • Highlight the address and right click
  • At the bottom of the window in the ADDRESS box, retype the address or email
  • Click OK

 Create a PDF and test the hyperlink – if it did not carry over, follow these steps:

  • Click Edit Text tool, then highlight the text that you want linked
  • Right click > Create Link.
  • Under Link Action, select Open a web page and click Next.
  • Then paste in the URL and hit OK and the text then has a hyperlink to the URL page.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Classic Images

Every now and then you might want a “traditional” image of a Bible scene or saint like you might see on a holy card. While images such as these appear regularly on the weekly covers, sometimes you may want something without text on it, or just a little different from the cover art. If that is the case, then one place you can turn to for such classic images is the Subscriber Resource Center’s Classic Images page.

Clicking on
 Classic Image tab will take you to a page with these images listed in alphabetical order by title. They include images of the saints, of Mary, and of Jesus. The images show scenes from the Bible as well as depictions of Mary and Jesus by their titles. They are by well-known artists and lesser-known artists and are suitable for use on feast days, saints’ days, and whenever they match the readings of the week.

Take a browse through the Classic Images and see what beauty you can add to your bulletin.