Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Diocesan Downloads


Sometimes dioceses ask us to make available materials that they want their parishes to put in their bulletins. We have found that the best place to do this is on a dedicated page in the Subscriber Resource Center (SRC), the Diocesan Downloads page. If you have a communication from your diocese telling you to find something from them on your bulletin company’s web site, this is where you’ll find it. On the Diocesan Downloads page you’ll see newsletters, notices for events, and materials for capital campaigns.


This is also the place to find the commemorative covers that we create whenever a new diocesan bishop is being installed. When a new bishop is announced, once we have created the cover you’ll see a notice in the announcements section at the top of any SRC page directing you to the Diocesan Downloads page for covers for that new bishop.

If your diocese is getting a new bishop, watch for an announcement here, then simply go to the Diocesan Downloads page and download the cover(s) that you want.

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