Wednesday, May 5, 2021



It can be a challenge to design a page that consists mostly of text. It can also be a challenge for your reader. The eye is more comfortable navigating in shorter column-width spaces rather than across a full page of copy. Luckily, there are many techniques to break up lengthy articles and make the page more visually appealing to the reader’s eye and your overall design.

An easy way to start off a page with lots of text is a drop cap. Drop caps add visual appeal and if your bulletin allows for it, color. 

Another great way to break up a long section of text is with columns. Smaller sections of type make reading easier on the eye and the division of such a large amount of text is more visually appealing in column format.

Another simple element is infusing color (or font attributes such as bold and italic if color is not part of your bulletin design) to draw the eye. People typically read by skimming the page for topics of interest. Adding visual breaks through color or bold typefaces make it easier for the reader to recognize topic changes or important elements of a large story.


Finally, use a pull-quote (or two!). A pull-quote is a small section of the text pulled out of the article and placed in a larger typeface to draw attention. Pull-quotes are typically outlined with rule lines or placed in shaded text box as seen in this example. This typographical technique grabs attention and is typically used to place emphasis on a section of text. An interesting and well-placed pull-quote invites the reader to return to the story.


In the end, the main objective is to make the layout appealing so that your reader is invited into the article and actually does thatread it! After all, the message is the most important part.


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

New! Monthly Text Pages

You asked. We listened.

There is a “text page” posted to the J. S. Paluch Subscriber Resource Center (SRC) for every Sunday of the year. These “text pages” are made up of items such as Today’s Readings, Readings for the Week, Saints and Special Observances, scripture reflections, weekly features, and pithy quotations. They come in both English and Spanish versions.

Some of our bulletin customers who like to work on multiple bulletins at once have asked if it is possible to combine these text pages into a monthly version. This would contain the text items for all the weeks of a month. In response, we have created both monthly and annual versions. You can find the monthly files on the SRC weekly page on the first week of each month. The file will always have a title like “e04AprTextPage” (English) or "s04AprTextPage" (Spanish).

You will also see the files if you go to the Text Pages tab, as long as the first week of the month is showing on that page. And finally, all the monthly and the annual text pages can be found using the key word search “text page 2021.” So now you can easily download the content of the text pages for a whole month, several months, or even a whole year!

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Do the [Copy]Right Thing

    One question that we get often enough concerns how the resources that we provide can be used. Our answer is that you can use anything that you find in the J. S. Paluch Subscriber Resource Center (SRC) for any parish bulletin, publication, or web page as long as you don’t sell it. So, for example, you can put it in your parish newsletter, but not in a parish cookbook that you are selling to raise money. The only other condition is that you retain the copyright notice that appears with the resource, whether it’s an image or a text file. Don’t delete it or crop it out. These notices let readers know who owns the rights to that item. You’d be surprised how many reprint requests we get for our material because someone has seen something of ours and identified us as the holder of the rights to it. These notices also give credit to other authors and rights-holders when the material is something that we have obtained permission from someone else for you to use in your parish publications. It is only fair to them that you include the copyright that identifies their work or property.

    On a related note, we know that our bulletin editors like to use art and resources from many other sources, especially things that you find online. And we will print whatever you put in your bulletins. But you must take responsibility for finding out who owns the rights to that material and under what conditions they permit you to use it. Sometimes they will grant you permission for free, perhaps only for one-time use. Sometimes you will be asked to pay to use something from another source in your bulletin. You should do so gladly; someone has put effort into creating an image or an article, and they should be compensated for their work. This also means that if you see something that has a copyright notice on it and you can’t track down the owner for permission, it is better not to use it in your bulletin. Even works that you see online without a copyright notice should be treated carefully and the owner soughtsomeone else may have deleted the notice! You can’t assume that you have blanket permission to use any art or words that you want just because you’re putting them in a church publication. If you have any doubt at all about your ability to use an item in your parish publications, err on the side of caution and leave it out. Yes, it takes more time and trouble to track down copyright holders and request reprint permission, but in the end it is always best to be honest and do the [copy]right thing.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021



More readers are viewing the weekly bulletin online than ever before. Helping those readers link to websites or email addresses cited in your bulletin can make it easier for them to navigate directly to those pages. Here are a few, simple steps for Microsoft Publisher users: 

  • Type the website or email address
  • Highlight the address and right click
  • At the bottom of the window in the ADDRESS box, retype the address or email
  • Click OK

 Create a PDF and test the hyperlink – if it did not carry over, follow these steps:

  • Click Edit Text tool, then highlight the text that you want linked
  • Right click > Create Link.
  • Under Link Action, select Open a web page and click Next.
  • Then paste in the URL and hit OK and the text then has a hyperlink to the URL page.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Classic Images

Every now and then you might want a “traditional” image of a Bible scene or saint like you might see on a holy card. While images such as these appear regularly on the weekly covers, sometimes you may want something without text on it, or just a little different from the cover art. If that is the case, then one place you can turn to for such classic images is the Subscriber Resource Center’s Classic Images page.

Clicking on
 Classic Image tab will take you to a page with these images listed in alphabetical order by title. They include images of the saints, of Mary, and of Jesus. The images show scenes from the Bible as well as depictions of Mary and Jesus by their titles. They are by well-known artists and lesser-known artists and are suitable for use on feast days, saints’ days, and whenever they match the readings of the week.

Take a browse through the Classic Images and see what beauty you can add to your bulletin.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Picture This!: How to Use the Different Images in the Subscriber Resource Center


J.S. Paluch’s Subscriber Resource Center provides numerous images for you to use weekly throughout your bulletin. However, you may be wondering: “Where is the best place for this image in my bulletin?”


Here are some ideas of how to better utilize our images within your bulletin:

1- Full Page Cover Photos

Cover photos are best used for your front page. They are large scaled images that include Sunday’s date, the type of Sunday, and a quote from one of the Sunday readings. We provide several different images in English and Spanish and in color and black and white. You can use these images to fill the entire front page or if you have a large space to fill in between your church information.



If you are a bilingual bulletin and need the cover in both languages on the same image, we also provide the same cover photos without text so that you can add any text you’d like to the image.


You can manually type out the information in both languages as shown here.

2- Half Page Cover Photos

Half page cover photos are smaller versions of the full page cover photos. Just like full page cover photos, these also have the Sunday, date, and a quote from the Sunday readings. As shown here, you can use the photo as a way to break up text on your page. You can also use these images for smaller areas that you may need to fill on your cover page.


3- Sunday Reflections

It’s one of the first images you’ll find when you search for images in our Subscriber Resource. This image contains a border with the Sunday and date, and text with reflections on the Sunday homily and readings. You’ll also notice that the Sunday readings are also listed on the bottom right corner of the image. These images are typically used as a full page filler for one of the inside pages. We have these images available in English and Spanish and in black and white.

4- Borders

Borders you’ll see mimic the cover photos in that they will have the same images, the Sunday, date, and the same quote from the Sunday readings. Just like cover photos, we have English and Spanish and black and white versions available. These can be used in various way throughout the bulletin.

Here are a couple of ways that you can incorporate the borders into your bulletin design:

5- Additional Images

While we have lots of images with the dates and Sundays, we also have additional images that  complement the Sunday readings or they may just be general images with no text. These images can be used throughout your entire bulletin to break up some of your text. It’s helpful to add some other elements other than just all text. Images can draw eyes in and make the design more exciting to look at. These images are available in English and Spanish and in color and black & white.


6- Saints and Special Observances

Additionally, we also have images depicting the saints we celebrate for the week and any additional observances that correlate with the week you are working on. We also have Saint Snippets which is a weekly cartoon we feature with a saint of the week we recognize, along with a quotation. We have English and Spanish and color and black & white versions of all images.


In our text files for each week, we also include a weekly calendar of saints and special observances celebrated. To add an extra element to the text file, you could add one of the images to  accompany the text.

7- Children’s cartoons & activities

For the kids, we have several different activity pages that you can add into your bulletin. These can be a full page or fill larger space of the bulletin. We also have the Pastor Al and The Little Ones comic strips that can be used to fill smaller areas of your bulletin. The Letters from Heaven activity is available in color and black and white. All other activity pages and comic strips are available in black & white only.






Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Diocesan Downloads


Sometimes dioceses ask us to make available materials that they want their parishes to put in their bulletins. We have found that the best place to do this is on a dedicated page in the Subscriber Resource Center (SRC), the Diocesan Downloads page. If you have a communication from your diocese telling you to find something from them on your bulletin company’s web site, this is where you’ll find it. On the Diocesan Downloads page you’ll see newsletters, notices for events, and materials for capital campaigns.


This is also the place to find the commemorative covers that we create whenever a new diocesan bishop is being installed. When a new bishop is announced, once we have created the cover you’ll see a notice in the announcements section at the top of any SRC page directing you to the Diocesan Downloads page for covers for that new bishop.

If your diocese is getting a new bishop, watch for an announcement here, then simply go to the Diocesan Downloads page and download the cover(s) that you want.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Pick A Date

Today's bulletin editors are working from various locations not limited to their office. They juggle countless responsibilities and often work on multiple bulletin issues at once. 

To keep track of the issue date, there is an area on the upload site that prompts you to choose the Sunday date you are uploading your bulletin PDF file for.  Please share these steps with anyone who may be uploading the bulletin each week, or even just occasionally. 

1. Visit 

2. Click on Upload or Click here to upload your weekly bulletin.

3. The next screen will prompt you to type in your bulletin number. Click on I’m not a robot and click on continue.

4. The next screen will show the Sunday date you are uploading your file for. This will automatically default to the current week but, if you are working ahead, you will need to change the date to reflect that issue.  Click on the calendar icon on the right side of the date and a window will open that will allow you to choose which Sunday date you are uploading.  Once you choose that date, you can upload your file for that week.

 Feel free to bookmark this page for quick reference. 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

“Special Days” on the SRC


A number of the features on the J. S. Paluch Subscriber Resource Center (SRC) are designed to save you mouse clicks, searching, and scrolling. Today’s feature is one of these. You can find “Special Days” on the SRC by opening the “All Resources” tab and clicking on Select a Month under “Choose a Feast/Holiday” on the left sidebar.


Choose the month you want, and a page will appear with a calendar and a list of “Special Days” for that month.


Click on the link associated with the date that you’re interested in, and you’ll be shown a selection of art resources that pertain to that day.

From there you can download the item that you want in the usual way.

Items available for the “Special Days” aren’t necessarily a comprehensive selection, but one of them can be just what you need without a lot of extra scrolling and clicking.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

JS Paluch, Investing in the Future for our Parishes

Father James Marchionda, OP, visited our JS Paluch corporate production facility in Franklin Park, IL to bless a few of the new digital machines in our printing plant. 

Two new digital printing presses (one pictured here being blessed by Father Marchionda) are now installed in our Franklin Park plant. This press is producing hundreds of parish bulletins each week. Another press, which uses the very latest in inkjet technology, is being installed and brought into operation very soon. These new machines will put us at the forefront of digital printing technology. Bulletins from some churches will continue to be printed on our traditional presses as we grow and expand these new capabilities.

In California, a newly revamped and relocated digital print center will have an eco-friendly press and continue to service many of our churches in the western part of the country.

JS Paluch remains committed to producing the finest product we can for our churches. 

Vice-President of Operations, Daniel Shrader, Owner, Mary Lou Paluch, and Fr. James Marchionda, OP, pose alongside one of our new printing presses.