Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Working Ahead

From time to time, every bulletin editor chooses to work ahead, getting the contents of the bulletin lined up for a few coming weeks, or even a month or more. Doing so generally doesn’t mean any changes in working with the Subscriber Resource Center Bulletin Resources (SRC), as most of the resources are posted for the entire year. Even the photo covers are posted at least six weeks in advance, and often longer than that. But if you are accustomed to finding your material on the specialty pages like Photo Covers, Weekly Text Pages, Thematic Resources, or Comics, you will have to change your approach if you want to work more than four weeks ahead.

Why? These pages are designed for quick and easy access to the most-frequently-used items on the SRC. In order to keep them (relatively) uncluttered, they are limited to showing the available resources for only the next four Sundays. That doesn’t mean that those resources aren’t available beyond the next four weeks—it only means that’s all that those pages are capable of showing you.


So what do you do if you want to work five or more Sundays into the future? Just go to the All Resources page (the All tab—the first item on the left in the gray bar at the top of any SRC search results page) and select the Sunday or range of Sundays that you want to work with. There you will see covers, text pages, thematic resources, and comics for as far into the future as they are currently posted, along with all the other materials available for any given Sunday.


Remember, if you think that the item you need hasn’t been posted yet, be sure to look it up on the All Resources page. It’s probably there already, just hidden from the specialty page that you may have been using.

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