Wednesday, November 18, 2020

One Last Look


Do you scan through your completed PDF file before you upload it for printing each week? Here are a few reasons why you should.  

Occasionally editors miss things in the Publisher file. Looking at the PDF format with a "fresh eye" can help you to find errors that might have been overlooked. It is easier to notice things that might need to be "tweaked" after the file is converted, plus the PDF file is the one that we receive for printing, so it should be the copy that is proofed.

The most common things that we notice when reviewing and printing a hard copy of the PDF for proofing include:

  • Headers with dates that were not updated
  • Missing graphics that were in the Publisher file but disappear in the PDF
  • Text that looks like hieroglyphics
  • Pieces of text boxes or images hanging just at the edge of the page, but not on the printable area of the page. 

We highly recommend proofing your bulletin PDF file before transmitting it for print. Keep in mind that what you upload is what we will print.  Also, don't forget those JSP settings! :) 


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