Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Hat Trick


Hockey fans know that one of the most exciting things that can happen in a game is a hat trick—three goals by one player in a single game. While this may not be the traditional hat trick definition, its close enough for us. JSP has three trainers: Rhonda Cavalier, Judy Ferrara, and Lauren Gandara. Each of the three trainers chose a resource from the SRC at and created three unique ways to use it in a bulletin layout.

First up are  the very popular “Treasures from our Tradition” articles designed by Rhonda Cavalier.  

    The sample above has two frames: header frame with white text on a blue background.                                      Text frame with gradient screen from blue to white

The second sample has a gray background with a top and bottom rule line. 
The heading is 20 point Pristina font and is centered over a two column format.

Our final sample uses a complimentary color headline (orange outline) with a light yellow shaded frame. Added white space (1.25") helps readability.  

Our next design trio is cover artwork presented by Judy Ferrara. 

Full page

Let’s begin with a full page cover.  You can use this full page in a number of different styles.  Adding a text box on the top of your page and add your church info such as church name, address etc.  Or, place a text box vertically on the left side of your page with your info and have the rest of the page with your full cover.  Remember, if you use the images that have dates you will not have to repeat this in the rest of the bulletin. Use the Picture Styles tool in Picture Tools to jazz up the cover such as giving it a border or soft edge.


Half page

The half page image can be used when you have a little bit of space between your church name and your church info but cannot use a full page cover.  The half page if resized properly can fill up a gap without looking stretched out. The half page has the same info as the full page.


This is a neat image that can be used either on the cover or inside your bulletin.  If using the corners for your cover you place a text box on top of it and type in your church info.  You get a new updated look every week.  Using the corner on the inside of your bulletin will fill up any empty page you may need to fill.

Our final trio of layouts is brought to you by Lauren Gandara. 

There are various ways to make your bulletin stand out. A creative design layout is one way. Here are three different ways in which you can creatively display the Readings for the Week in your bulletin. 


Fonts make a big difference in the way your bulletin looks. Here I’ve used GoudyOlSt BT font in bold and italicize and changed the caps to Small caps for the title. I also used Times New Roman for the readings and italicized the days for a more elegant effect.

Adding in decorative elements can also make your text stand out. I added a line in Drawing tools and then added diamond shaped arrows to make it look more decorative.

Color is another way to make your Readings for the week stand out. For this example, I selected a shade of red and then added a Gradient effect to it in Drawing Tools. After that, I selected a darker shade of red to make the text stand out from the background color. I used Arial Rounded MT in Bold to make my text easier to read against the colored background.

Text effects

Text effects is another element that can be used. You can find text effects by going to Text Box tools in your Menu bar. You’ll see Text fill, Text Outline and then Text Effects. When you click on Text Effects, a menu will open giving you different options such as Shadow, Reflection, Glow, and Bevel.Shadow will create a drop shadow. Reflection will give you a mirrored reflection of your text. Glow will add a glow effect around the letters of your text. Bevel will give it an chiseled effect.

For this example, I used Shadow and Reflection effects for the title and Shadow effect for the days of the week. I also used the Shadow effect on the text box shape by going to Drawing Tools > Shape Effects and selecting Shadow.

Could one or more of these design elements help spruce up your bulletin layout? 

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