Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Bulletin Potpourri

Paint Me a Picture

Having pictures in your bulletin keeps your readers entertained as well as updated on the latest activities in your parish. It’s always nice to document special occasions and have these archived in your bulletins so you and your parishioners can look back with fond memories throughout the years.

Getting the right contrast, brightness, or special effect for your image has never been easier. Here are a few tips and the tools you may want to use to change the look of your pictures.

You may notice that when working in Publisher it will add a new tab on the top toolbar depending on what you are working in at the time. For instance, when you insert a picture, a new tab will appear on top that says Picture Tools. If you click on format, a new toolbar will appear that will allow you to manipulate the look of your picture. You will see options to add a border to your picture or change the style such as giving your picture a soft edge. You will also see a great tool called Corrections that will improve the brightness or contrast of the picture. You can also use Corrections to make your picture into a watermark to place behind a text box.

Do you use the cropping tool? Sometimes we have too much white space or need to cut something out of a picture. On the toolbar you will see an option that says Crop. When you click on this tool you will see little black lines around your picture. When you place your cursor on one of these lines your cursor will become a cropping tool that looks like an upside-down thumbtack. Hold down your left mouse button and drag the picture in until you have cropped off that area. The cropping tool acts like a pair of scissors and will cut off anything you want out of your picture.

Did you know that when you insert a picture into your bulletin you will see little white circles all around it? Use the 4 outside circles to resize your picture in its proper dimension. If you use the inner circles this will stretch out the image to make it look disproportionate.

Take the time to get familiar with the different sections that are on the toolbar and take advantage of all the tools available. Have fun with them!


Have you ever noticed when you hover over an image in the Subscriber Resource Center you see a little gray area that tells you a little something about that image?

You will see the word Keywords: the date and the cycle for the year such as year A, B, C and also what the image is about so you can match this with the scripture for the week.

You will also see the format of the image such as full page, half page, corner, and so on.

Using Keywords will help you decide which image is best for your weekly bulletin.

Text Fit

Do you know what the red circles mean around a text box? When you click in a text box do you see white circles or red circles?

Well, you should always see white circles around a text box. The red circles mean you have hidden text in the text box. This could be anything from real text to just plain hard returns. If you do not fix this, your bulletin may be printed with this extra text showing. Always make sure you do not see red circles around your text boxes.

Did you know there is an option in Publisher that will expand a text box while typing? This tool is called Text Fit and you will find this in the Text Box Tools on the Ribbon.

Create a text box, click on the Text Box Tools option and on the left you will see Text Fit. Click the down arrow and a window will open.

Click on Grow Text Box to Fit. Your text box will automatically expand as you type.

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