Wednesday, August 12, 2020

What's In a Name?

Certainly Shakespeare said it best when he penned "What's in a name. . . ?" Dare we be so bold as to imitate this literary genius to call attention to the importance of the name given to your bulletin file? We do dare! 

How you name your file is vitally important to our production staff being able to process your bulletin quickly and correctly. When saving your PDF bulletin to transmit for printing, please be sure to use your unique, six-digit bulletin number. 

This number helps route your file to the correct printing facility. It helps us match your ad page to your copy page(s). The number accompanies your file from pre-press to printing press, and then it assists us with shipping the file back to you. 

An inside peek to the production department will show you files received with names like "bulletin" or "22nd Sunday." You can see how these naming conventions put a halt to our work flow as we have to put on our detective hats to figure out which "bulletin" belongs to which parish. 

Remember that when you transmit your bulletin via the upload site, you do key in your six-digit bulletin number. This is merely a "login" screen and that number does not travel with your file. The name that you use when converting your bulletin to PDF, however, does travel from transmitting to shipping. So please be sure to put that six-digit bulletin number in the name of your bulletin. Shakespeare would approve!


Why So Serious? 

Who says everything included in your weekly bulletin has to be so serious? This year, more than ever, it seems we could use something to giggle over. Wouldn’t it be great to include a religious-themed cartoon like Pastor Al or The Little Ones to give your readers a chuckle?

These lighthearted cartoons can be found on our Subscriber Resource Center at Simply click the COMICS tab on the ribbon to explore the funnies. 

Additionally, one of each of the comics series is pre-selected for each Sunday and can be found on the regular Sunday page (just keep scrolling as they are typically toward the end)

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