Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Titles of Mary

Sometimes when you are looking for just the right thing to put in your bulletin, it’s good to offer something from the vast tradition of the Church. One of the gems that we offer in the J. S. Paluch Subscriber Resource Center is a collection of images and articles about the many titles of the Blessed Mother.

There are, in fact, 49 images, each with a matching brief description (usually just a couple of sentences, available in English and Spanish) explaining that title of Mary. That’s one for almost every Sunday of the year! The simple line-art drawings and descriptions can be used together or separately.

You can find these resources by clicking on Mary and the Saints, and then selecting Titles of Mary in the drop-down box.

The images and descriptions are listed here in liturgical-year order, starting with the December feasts. You can connect the images and descriptions by matching the number that appears in the file names. So, for example, the image mary42.tif goes with English or Spanish article e-mary42.rtf or s-mary42.rtf.

Looking for Mary on or near a particular date? Hover your mouse over the image and look at the keywords that appear in the pop-up preview. The date associated with that image is listed among the keywords. Similarly, you can see the date associated with a particular article by clicking on (Preview).

Take some time this week to browse through this collection of information about our Blessed Mother. You never know what you (and your parishioners) might learn!

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