Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Writer In You

There is no denying that your weekly bulletin is a vital communication tool used to relay important and timely information to your parishioners and visitors. If your parish does not have a newsletter or website, it may be the only form of communication most parishioners are exposed to other than pulpit announcements. Are you making the  most of it?
Here are a few simple tips:

  • Grammar and Punctuation. We’ve all heard it before and that is because it is true. Your reader will get hung up on grammatical errors and poor punctuation. Your message could get overlooked as a result. Solution: Have someone else double-check your work and always run spell-check.
  • Don’t be so serious all the time. Humor or a lighthearted writing style go a long way toward keeping people interested. Readers tend to get bored just reading about times, dates, and meetings. Find your inner funny and use it to get your message across. Share God’s Good News with a positive, infectious and even humorous writing style.
  • Use more than one voice. Enlist other staff members to contribute recurring articles as a way of giving a different voice to your publication. Invite the Pastor, Director of Religious Education, Youth Minister - anyone with a message to share - and rotate their contributing articles. It keeps content fresh and your readers engaged. 
Layout and design are important features that help you create a polished and professional publication. Ultimately, the message is the most important element in any bulletin. Happy writing! 


OneParish Online Giving

Grow your online donations 
Our parishes are now discovering how a better online giving system can make a huge difference. 

Using our new OneParish* Online Giving, they have seen significant growth in online giving. Many of these parishes already had online giving but switching to a better tool led to more and happier donors.

What makes our system better? Check out how we combined technology and neuroscience to create a better giving experience for your parishioners:

Start today using this simple process:
1.     Direct your parishioners to give via or the OneParish app.
2.     We will send you the donations via check and a report every 2–3 weeks.
3.     Continue sharing the link via Facebook, email, and other channels every 5–10 days. Most people need to be asked at least five times before they say yes to a donation.

If you prefer direct deposit or have any other questions, contact or 574-347-8851.

          * OneParish is a J.S. Paluch company.

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