Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Letters from Heaven

We at J.S. Paluch are proud of the variety of resources that we offer to you who do the hard work of creating bulletins every week. You can choose from photographic covers, original art, informative articles, and even scripture puzzles. Letters from Heaven is a weekly feature that invites your readers to test their scripture knowledge and their puzzle-solving skills. In each puzzle, the reader has to finish a sentence selected from the scriptures for current week, using the letters in a four-by-four box. The trick is to trace a path through the letters without skipping or repeating any in order to complete the phrase. For a simple-looking exercise, it’s harder than it looks, and surprisingly satisfying when you get it. And, of course, the answer is provided if you get stuck.

The puzzles don’t take up much room, and can be a rewarding family or solo activity at a time when many people are still spending a lot of time at home. Consider making these puzzles a regular feature of your bulletins—your parishioners will start looking forward to them! 

Letters from Heaven are available in the Subscriber Resource Center in color or black and white. You can scroll down to them on any Sunday, or find them with the keyword “puzzles.”

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