Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Our Commitment to Green

Doing Our Part

As we try to be good stewards of God’s creation, the J.S. Paluch Company strives to lessen our impact on our world’s natural resources. We have taken important steps to save on paper, boxes, and fuel costs used for shipping. We do all of this in an effort reduce our company’s carbon footprint.

We hope that you also will consider ways to help us protect our environment. Please review the following suggestions:

  • Routinely check quantity shipped and make reductions whenever possible while making sure your distribution is not affected. Seasonal reductions are helpful. If you need fewer quantities during the summer months, let us know on your Information Page when you upload your bulletin.
  • Try to minimize the number of pages in your bulletin.Examine how line spacing and font size can save space. Our training staff can help you to learn ways to reduce space without hindering readership.
If you have any further suggestions or ideas to help us in this effort, please let us know. We are in this together.


                                        Staying In Touch

JS Paluch routinely sends out e-mail announcements regarding new resources, supplemental bulletins, and holiday deadlines.

It is important that we always have your current e-mail and contact information to pass along these important messages. Please keep us posted when you have a change of staff (bulletin editor) or change of office e-mail address. 

Our upload website now has an easy way to update our offices with a change of address. 


Prepare for Transmission

Before transmitting your bulletin for printing, please review this checklist to ensure the following:

þ Verify that all text, headers, footers, and graphics are within the required half-inch margin. 

þ Verify that the correct naming convention is used when saving the document file. Please use the six-digit bulletin number + Sunday’s date.

þ Verify that you are using the JSP settings when converting your file into PDF. After selecting your Adobe PDF printer, click on Printer Properties to confirm that the Default Settings are listed as JSP. Also, once the PDF file is created, the Ctrl + D function will bring up your document properties, where you can double-check that all fonts have been embedded into your PDF file by clicking on the Font tab.

þ Verify that the information on your Information Page is correct and up to date, especially the bulletin quantity. 

Reviewing these steps each week will help ensure that the bulletin file is ready for print.

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