Thursday, May 28, 2020

Treasures from Our Tradition

Treasures From Our Tradition Fans, Rejoice!

One of our most popular pages on the J. S. Paluch Subscriber Resource Center (SRC) is the “Traditions” section. Our new streamlined page arrangement puts the complete Years A, B, and C front and center. Now when you go to retrieve Treasures from Our Tradition or Tradiciones de Nuestra Fe articles, the first items you see are complete files for Years A, B, and C, in English and Spanish. No gaps, no hunting around for missing Sundays.

New, complete files for each year

The English files have these names: 000eYrAComplete, 000eYrBComplete, and 000eYrCComplete. These files correspond to the three years of the Sunday Lectionary, Years A, B, and C. Each file contains undated entries for all the possible Sundays that might occur in any one of these years, both the “numbered” Sundays and the special feasts, in chronological order. The Spanish files are similarly named: 000sYrAComplete, 000sYrBComplete, and 000sYrCComplete, with an “s” instead of an “e” after the zeros. 

So for this year, you can download the Year A file once, save it to your computer, and have Treasures or Tradiciones for the entire year.

The old files are still there, too

All the previous files remain on the Traditions page for browsing, both in large collections and individual articles, just in case you are looking for something different for a particular Sunday. Finding Treasures and Tradiciones in the SRC has never been easier!

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