Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Focus on: Bulletin Advertisers

Local businesses support the production, labor, and shipping of your bulletin with their ads. Their continued support can be showcased with  new artwork available exclusively on the Subscriber Resource Center at We encourage bulletin editors to routinely ask your readers to patronize these businesses. Celebrate community and let them know that you saw their ad in the church bulletin!

Sample Information Page

Changing Times

As parishes across the country are working to communicate well in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, the J. S. Paluch Company is committed to helping you reach your flock even when they can’t be at Mass.

Your parish may have different needs in terms of your bulletin quantity in the upcoming weeks. The best way to  communicate changes to your quantity or page count is on your parish information page. If you are not currently using an information page, please insert a blank page at the end of your document and type your bulletin number and the quantity of bulletins needed for that week.  Our production department will make note of the request and replace the information page with your advertiser page (s).


We are continually adding information, prayers, and  intercessions regarding Covid-19 for your use. Login to and visit the Current Concerns section of the Subscriber  Resource Center to download these useful and timely resources.


Not Your Average Announcement

Download the artwork below from our Subscriber Resource Center to honor the men and women who lost their lives while serving the U.S. Military. A simple, no-fill text box with white text creates a striking design to add to your bulletin layout.  
Stay tuned for more tips and tricks each week.  

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